Meet the designer

They say if you want to make God laugh tell Him your plans.

Danielle “Danie Dakor” is a self-taught designer/seamstress based out of Fayetteville North Carolina.

Her journey into the world of fashion design started as early as 6th grade, but even before then, she was already making her mark with her artistic talents, drawing portraits for friends and family.

Danie has been sewing since 2011 but her journey into professional fashion design took a bold turn when in 2016 her hairdresser asked her to sew her daughter's senior prom dress. Despite her initial hesitation, Danie dove in, channeling her creativity into designing and crafting a stunning gown. Sometimes, all it takes is a little push to unleash our hidden talents…and there, Dakor was born.

Since then, Danie has become a prom dress virtuoso, stitching together over 300 breathtaking gowns, and bringing sheer joy to countless young hearts on their special night. Her passion and dedication illuminate every stitch, turning dreams into reality one dress at a time.

Danie Dakor lives by the motto 'When you look good, you feel good,' a philosophy that guides her every creation. With each stitch and design, she strives to empower others to embrace their beauty and confidence, knowing that style is not just about appearance, but about feeling your best from the inside out.

Danie Dakor first prom dress
Danie Dakor in her suite